Motex 1 line Price Labeler pricing label gun MX-5500 (Made in Koera)

Price: HK$ 180
Product Code:MPG-MOTEX-MX5500

MoTEX® labelers are crafted to meet customer’s requirements for a fashionable design and printing position. Label size 22mm X 12mm. Can print up to 8 charactor number. Solid & beautiful design. Smooth And accurate operation.

MoTEX® has been manufacturing and exporting price labeler over 30 years since 1975. Production line is in South Korea. Dominate over 99% of Korean labeler market, 25% of World market.

World Wide Class Capital Goods, Best Price Labeler

【Brand】: MoTEX®
【Name】: MoTEX ®  Price labeler,  Pricing label gun
【Model】: MX-5500
【Specification】: 8 digits
【Colour】: red, yellow, blue
【Price Paper Size】: 22 * 12mm (7/8 "x1 / 2")

- Elegant and exquisite design, highly ergonomic
- Light weight and Smooth operation
- Smooth and accurate operation
- One Touch Open System
- 8 digits on one line

Please, this gun is delicate and may not work properly if it is dropped excessively.