WEIFENG WT-330A Lightweight Tripod

Price: HK$ 150
Product Code:A19080-TRIPOD-WT-330A

As we have seen many customers who want to travel with DSLR/mirrorless camera but doesn’t like the weight and size of a normal tripod. This tripod is steady enough for lightweight DSLR/mirrorless camera.

This tripod for the all-aluminum design, easy to carry lightweight, digital cameras, cameras, binoculars, fishing lights can be universal, stent selection of more durable material, anti-twisting, corrosion resistance, and after special surface treatment, light and sturdy, easy to carry, and able to adapt to the harsh environment of complex terrain.

Product Type: Lightweight Tripod
Model: WT-330A
Main material: Aluminum
Colour: Silver+black
Number of sections: 3
Max operating Height: 1345mm
Min operating Height: 515mm
Weight: 730g