SOLIGNUM® TrussGuard Aqua -1 Litre

Price: HK$ 145

SOLIGNUM® TrussGuard Aqua is a world-renowned anti-termite product, which has a stable market share of more than 51% and has waterproof and insecticidal functions. TrussGuard Aqua is a micro emulsion wood preserative fluid which penetrates into the wood eradicating and protecting against TERMITES. It remains inside the wood as an active barrier against termites and wood boring insects. For use on roof timbers, rattan ware, plywood, stairs, decorative paneling, joinery and furniture replacement timbers. Timber treated with Trussguard Aqua retains its original appearance. It is recommended to use Solignum Timbertone wood stain and Aquathane after treatment, or by further applications of the preservative as a maintenance treatment.

Model:TrussGuard Aqua
Capacity:1 Litre