Poly Clean Disinfectant Hand Gel - 1 Gallon (128 oz.)

Price: HK$ 280
Product Code:A40403 HANDGEL-POLY-1C

Poly Clean Disinfectant Hand Gel

Poly Clean Disinfectant Hang Gel is a hand sanitizer gel dries quickly, cleaning and sanitising in one easy step, so there is no need to rinse afterwards. Suitable for nursing homes, care homes or hospitals, or indeed any home, or institution that is likely to use large amounts of hand santiser, this 1 gal bottle of Hand Sanitiser is to be used to top up the Refillable Cartridge and provides a simple and highly effective way of preventing the risk of spread of infection without the need for soap or water. The hand sanitiser comes out as foam that can be worked into the hands and will dry quickly without leaving a sticky residue and particularly useful in situations where access to hand washing facilities is not readily available to provide effective hand hygiene. Just apply a small amount and rub your hands together to kill 99.9% of germs that could be lurking on your water needed!

Brand: Poly Clean
Item: Disinfectant Hand Gel
Capacity: 1 gallon

Set antibacterial and disinfection in one.
Special formula, apply directly to hands without washing.
Suitable for professionals who often need to wash their hands.