美獅龍 MSL5417 羽毛球筒裝(12粒)

Price: HK$ 120.0
Product Code:  SPORT-MSL5417

Extra Durability! Genuine duck feather shuttle at great price!

MSL5417 badminton shuttlecock is a good quality feather shuttlecock made by China's leading badminton equipment manufacturer, Shanghai Badminton Factory, with high reputation in technology innovation and quality control.

MSL5417 shuttlecock features 100% Duck flight feathers. All feathers on this shuttlecock are carefully selected with strong shaft to achieve excellent durability. They are evenly woven into a perfect round cone, then attached on a synthetic foamed plastic base.  However the bendy feather shafts compromise the aerodynamic characteristics of the shuttle and makes it not suitable for advanced players.

It is recommended to be used  by beginner players for training and practices and in social games.

Main Features
Made of genuine duck feather for long lasting playability
Bigger feather shaft for extra structural strength
Lower price to benifit beginners
Suitable for beginner players in training and practices