HEAVY DUTY Industrial Guillotine Paper Cutter - #299 A3

Price: HK$ 1,380
Product Code: MCG-PG-299A3

The #299 A3 is a commercial heavy-duty , durable, and portable desktop guillotine stack paper cutter/trimmer made of all steel.  It's maximum cutting width is 19". The #299 A3 comes with an all steel cutting platform and an all steel extension table that are made of rugged heavy-duty steel of 1/8" thickness.  The sturdy blade assembly is equipped with a positive paper clamp that locks down the paper stack firmly in place, eliminating shifting and tearing to ensure precise cuts.  As a safety measure, the #299 A3 is equipped with a safety lock that is engaged automatically to lock the cutting blade until released.

The blade edge is made of high speed steel (HSS) with the hardness grade of 60-62 on the Rockwell Equivalent C scale (i.e., 60-62 HRC).  It  will last over 1,000 cuts before requiring re-sharpening or replacement.  it is razor sharp and can cut through a 300 sheets of 80gsm paper stack with a single easy stroke. 

With an all metal side gauge with a steel ruler in 1/32" and 1mm resolution, an aluminum alloy clamp wheel, and a precise backstop that is molded out solid aluminum, this commercial-quality paper cutter is designed to last and perform.  The #299 A3 can be used to cut and trim any types of copier/printer/photo papers, card stock, books, leather materials, and fabrics.  It is ideal for any businesses, print shop, schools and copy centers.